Communication Plan is growing…

Just as we help our clients on a daily basis to reach their next level, our growth ensures that we now also work hard on our own re-branding and of course this also includes building a brand new website for ourselves! Make sure to keep an eye on us, we will share more with you very soon…

Your own full-service marketing partner!

Did you ever have the idea that there’s more potential in your company, but you can’t quite put your finger behind the way to get there? Or are you just missing out on time to act on all your plans? There’s a high probability that great progress can be made in the way you handle your marketing and communication and the story you are telling. We’ll be happy to help you reach your full potential!
Because we live in a world where everyone is always connected with the world wide web, a huge load of information, news, advertisements and other impressions are fired upon us. This means that making the right choices as an entrepeneur to keep reaching your target audience, is not that easy anymore. Are you using the right communication channels? Are you sending the right message? Or are you reaching your target audience enough as a whole?

Communication Plan helps you making the right choices, and making sure that your company uses the most effect tools in the most efficient way.

Are you in need of a strong and long term strategy? A solid base to keep growing? Your personal marketing and communications manager is always standing by to help you build that solide base and achieve your long term goals.
Maybe you’re simply lacking knowledge, time or marketing capacity? In that case we have a complete team of hands-on specialists standing by to quickly and professionally help you with all your on- and offline needs. We have close ties to some of the greatest superspecialists in the business, meaniing that there’s no question that we can’t answer.

A few of the areas we can help you with:

  • sparringpartner for all your marketing ideas
  • marketingplan
  • hands-on marketing support
  • branding
  • graphic design
  • logo/full corporate design
  • online marketing
  • websites/webshops
  • social media
  • e-mailmarketing
  • signing
  • presentations

Altogether, we act as your own marketing and communications department. Creative, accessible, flexible and driven!

Do you want the result that you have in mind? With an interim strategist, you opt for innovation, creativity, focus and a planned approach to all your marketing and communication activities.
We are ready for you!


Marketing Service Plan

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